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This tool allows you to generate as many tests as you want starting from a set of questions and to calculate the rating for each test. Each test has a group of questions randomly chosen from those present in the main file and the answers are randomized. Once the tests have been generated it will be possible to print them by generating a pdf file and the list of answers for all the tests will be provided. In addition to teachers, it can also be useful for students to practice.

With these tools is possible to calculate the rating of a test made (or not) with the Test generator tool, also if there is a part of test composed of open answers. There are three templates one for true/false or multichoice test, one for open answer or excercises test and one useful to make average ratings of multiple tests.

This tool allows you to mark the value of the answers to the individual questions of an oral test by calculating the rating in a more objective way than with simple memory.

This tool allows you to extract a series of random numbers from a set, avoiding repetitions and being able to exclude some numbers. I used it to extract the numbers corresponding to the names on the register of students to be subjected to oral tests.

This tool was developed to help students practice using Excel and to teach them the basics of personal finance and inflation in a simplified way.

This tool was developed to make students practice using Excel and to teach them the basics of statistics that govern gambling, in particular the central limit theorem.

There is possible to see the tutorials for some of the templates, while pressing on the names up there, you will be redirected on Etsy shop.