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High school

I studied at the T. Parentuccelli scientific high school in Sarzana (SP). I am happy to have had this opportunity becouse at the time it was the third school for university performance in the region and both the teaching staff and the students ensured that a strongly cultural climate was created and teching and other activities was aimed at the development of critical sense and dialogue between people.

Master's degree in management engineering - Parma

I think I have chosen the faculty that best suits my interests, and even more so considering the financial direction taken at the master's degree, although I wanted to integrate my knowledge in startups and software engineering on my own.

I graduated in the 2021-2022 academic year with a grade of 104/110 and an average of 27/30.

I would have been happy to have an experience abroad but unfortunately my commitments with the startup and working there didn't allow me.

Below, you will find a link to a page where read my thesis and one to the list of exams taken.

Create a software product, starting from an idea through project management techniques

Self studies

Over the years, in parallel to my university career, having the need to build my startup and being interested in the world of software development and having to write my thesis, I independently studied programming, software engineering, topics related to startups, finance and to project and product management.

Furthermore, I have developed some projects that you can find in the Works page.

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