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I have various passions, since I was a child I have been used to being in the middle of nature and then starting from the age of 11 I started practicing kayaking at a competitive level with the Italian Navy team ending my career by joining the national team and participating in the junior Europeans in Serbia.

Subsequently starting university I was unable to continue my competitive career but I rediscovered this sport as an amateur going when I can to go down rivers by kayak or rafting and in the sea, for example along the stretch of sea between Portovenere and Monterosso (Five lands) or often doing nautical camping on the beaches near Tellaro.

In addition to this I practice surfing, spearfishing, skateboarding, skiing, mountain biking and I have a motorbike, with the intention of one day learning to sail too.

Obviously I love traveling and for this reason I would be well disposed for a job that involves moving to another country or traveling for it.


I admit that I have deficencies in narrative literature, as I much prefer non-fiction, although occasionally I force myself to read that too, you can find the list of books read at the end of the Studies page.

I like art and philosophy, even if I can't consider myself an expert in any way, and I love cinema and TV series, but I'm very selective, even if I don't set myself limits having seen everything from 1940 onwards.

I often prefer documentaries to a TV series, both author's such as those made by Michael Moore, Sebastião Salgado or David Attenborough, or created by authors such as Nova Lectio or Barbascura X present on YouTube, or videos of people who have interesting experiences, regarding travel, visits to companies and personal growth.

I frequently listen to interviews and conferences related to topics such as entrepreneurship or the history of innovation and others, such as The Real Genious, 4 Chiacchiere by Marco Montemagno, Mr RIP or Alessandro Barbero.

I'm not a big fan of many social networks, even though I know them, and it might seem strange since I'm founding one, but in fact if I embarked on this venture it is precisely because the offer present today does not fully satisfy me, mainly using Twitter.

I like video games, but I have very limited experience in this field, as I've actually only played Red dead redemption 2, Apex Legends, Monkey island and little else, since if I'm looking for a good story I tend to prefer a good movie, if I want to build things I use Sketchup and in general I tend to prefer activities that are enjoyable but somewhat educational, which I can partially do by listening to some podcasts while playing.

Finally, I really like chatting with people I don't know and who are experts in what I know little or nothing about, as I already said this probably also derives from my decennial experience as a lifeguard, but in general I think it has always been like this, and this often leads me to talk to everyone from a snowcat pilot on the ski slopes to a conservatory professor on a trip with BlaBlacar.