Who i am

Born in Italy, I currently move between Parma and Carrara. Interested in technology and science, graduated in management engineering in Parma, founder of BackPic, the new way of cloud storage

Email: lorenzomontarese@gmail.com

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BackPic website: backpic.app 

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In short

From the age of 11 up to the age of 18 I practiced competitive river kayaking with the youth team of the Italian Navy, participating in the last year of activity in the European junior championships in Serbia.

Subsequently, after graduating from the scientific high school of Sarzana (SP), I enrolled in the management engineering faculty of the University of Parma, financial specialization, where in the academic year 2021-2022 I graduated, from the master's degree, with a grade of 104/110 and average of 27/ 30.

At the same time I have always worked as a lifeguard, for a total of 10 seasons, at the Cooperativa Mare Sicuro, in about thirty bathing establishments, which allowed me to speak with approximately a thousand people of all ages and social backgrounds, which has increased in me the desire to know and confront the different from me.

In the meantime, having the ambition to found a company in the software field first with a project, then with another completely revisited, as a self-taught I learned to program in Java and Android, and then going on to deepen through online and university courses the field of software engineering, startups and corporate finance.

During my studies, I developed a Java application which, starting from an Excel sheet and images, generates individual cards for each prototype screen, useful for code and development documentation, and an order management program for a restaurant using VBA and Microsoft Access

Since I was a child I have always been used to designing, building and repairing everything, including engines; at 16 I built a small stilt house in the garden, growing up, out of necessity I continued to do manual work and I started using 3D design software, designing a library and in my free time I enjoy designing recreational vehicles.

When I have time I dedicate myself to photography and making videos, so I learned the basics of editing with Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve.

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